“Before starting my program, I thought that eating less was better. Then when I wanted more food, I felt guilty. I was very unsure about my body, and my nutrition was never consistent. It was a never-ending cycle of restricting off and on and trying to work out but not progressing. Coming into my first weeks, I was vulnerable and scared of failure. I couldn’t do some exercises more than a few times nor lift anything higher than my first set of weights. I didn't have any noticeable muscle in my legs, arms, or stomach and thought I would have a hard time with food. I wasn’t confident in my body and tried to hide it under everything I could. Throughout the course of 10 weeks with Chelsey, life has completely changed for me in every single way. I have learned about different approaches I can take according to my fitness goals, learned that food is fuel and not an enemy, I have learned about how macros work and how to get creative with some awesome foods, how to live my life without sacrificing everything I enjoy, how to work around my schedule instead of adding anything to it, how to properly fuel my body, how to change my habits instead of following a diet, and most importantly going out of my comfort zone, conquering goals, finding purpose and living my dreams. I have gotten stronger, lift heavier, see muscle growth in my legs like I never have before, ab definition, and am so confident in the body I have built. I strut in confidence, and I no longer hide but embrace every single bit of myself!

Looking a few years back, I paid for a “coach” and thought everything would be great. My plan with them consisted of barely any food, overdoing cardio, I couldn’t eat small snacks, was told to curb my hunger with water, if I ate more than I should have- I would have to remove meals from the following day and received minimal feedback or help. I was left starving, binging, sacrificing other parts of my life, and giving all of my power to food and “fitness.” That was until I took the plunge and started with Chelsey. Chelsey is the coach I wish I had back when I started; she possesses all of the fantastic skills a coach is meant to be. She is encouraging, motivating, a listener, a helper, informative, kind, empathetic, knowledgeable, and wants to see you grow and succeed in what you are doing. She has made me an individual custom program plan that is secondary to my need to improve and to stay healthy, not a cookie cutter plan that gets passed around. She takes in every single aspect of mine into consideration and with this, she has helped me stop “dieting,” eliminate binges, love food again, make fitness an easy apart of my life and trust my body one hundred percent! No more working out and dieting, instead training and eating! :) I hope you take the plunge too; you know what's scarier than change? Not changing at all!”

- Abby B.